Barista Blend

We have worked exclusively with Excelso Coffee to bring you our one-of-a-kind Barista Blend. This triad of butters has been crafted to harmonize exquisitely with espresso. Throw a scoop of butter and water in a pitcher, then steam to creamy perfection. Enjoy!

Almond Mylk

100% RAW

Raw and Living Foods are substances that contain enzymes. Once food is cooked above 47 degrees Celsius, it becomes devoid of enzymes. Living and raw foods have much higher nutrient values and make it easier for your body to break down proteins, cellulose, and starches, and for the intestines to absorb nutrients.

Pumpkin Seed Mylk

Stone Ground

Here at v&v we make our butters using the “old world” approach of stone-grinding, which applies even, powerful pressure with smooth granite wheels. 36 hours of grinding results in the preservation of both flavour and nutrients that you just can’t get with the heavy duty metal blades that your typical butter companies use.

Coconut Mylk

Activated Nuts - Sprouted Seeds

Activating is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena. It enlivens the enzymes that are dormant within, thus letting the nut or seed “awaken”. The potential growth for each nut is to become a tree, and when we eat activated our bodies receive this concentrated vital energy and nutrition…. read more

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